Black Walnut Kennel Rates

Cats (all sizes): $34.00 + G.S.T.

Dogs (all sizes): $47.50 + G.S.T.

Dog Daycare (all sizes): $33.75 + G.S.T.

Black Walnut Kennel Discounts

Only one discount applies per visit

2 or more pets in the same run: 20% Off

2 or more pets per family: 10% Off 

No Charge Options

Option 1

Drop off after 4:00pm until closing: No charge for that day

Option 2

Pick ups before 11:00am: No charge for that day

Only one option applies per visit

In a situation where your dog arrives AFTER 4:00pm on the first day and is picked up BEFORE 11:00am on the last day, you will receive one day free.

Black Walnut Kennel Dog with ball

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